Karma is a good feature that helps to distinguish trusty mates out of scammers. Every user who has more than 10 unique items in inventory has 5 votes per week to upvote or downvote others.

Keep in mind, that users with less than 5 unique items in inventory can't post comments and send pm.


You are ranked according to your karmic rate using the following rules:

  • good karma: +50 or higher
  • bad karma: -20 or lower
  • satanic karma: -50 or lower
  • permanent BAN: -1000 or lower

You start with 0 karma, like a regular new trader. Later on, while meeting people and trading, your karma might increase or decrease. If you have good manners, keep posting useful comments, uploading screenshots and videos, for sure it will be positively rated by other users and Dota Trade moderators. Otherwise, whether you are flaming, spamming or trolling others, you will get into negative in a blink of an eye.

Profits of having a positive (+50) karma:

  • You will see no advertisements on any page (except one under main menu)
  • You can spend 1 karma point to place your profile into highlighted users block (at Community page)
  • Dota Trade provides hosting for your last generated tradeshot

Detriments of being a bad (-20) user:

  • You will see additional pop-ups
  • Your personal note is not displayed to prevent abuse
  • You can't post comments

If you happen to be a satan (-50):

  • You can't post comments or reply to inbox messages
  • You are removed from offerings/demands search
  • You will see additional pop-ups
  • Your personal note is not displayed to prevent abuse

If one happens to have -1000 or less karma, that user was surely banned.

You are still able to upload screenshots or videos to enhance your karma. But you shouldn't abuse this feature, otherwise you may get blocked.

You are able to vote for same user once a week.

Please keep in mind that karma trading is strictly forbidden!